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What can be done to get domestic violence charges dismissed after an arrest has been made?

Once the government is injected into your life it is the government who decides when to leave you alone. I am a little unclear about who is who here but generally, there isn't a quick or simple way in most cases to "get" the government to just forget about the whole thing. They will ask whether you want charges dismissed because you feel sorry for defendant or because you made up the charges. If you say because you feel sorry then they will approach you as if you are simply behaving like a typical abused person trying to save your abuser. If you say you made up charges you will be threatened with arrest for filing a false report. Obviously a conversation with the prosecutor expressing your desire to have charges dismissed could in theory work, but be prepared for a fight about it. Ultimately in a longer term your lack of cooperation could possibly end up resulting in a dismissal, but the government often has significant leverage in the short term because of the order of protection.

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