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Information about the New York City Criminal Court System including New York City Criminal Defense Lawyers prepared by New York City Criminal Attorney Don Murray.

New York City Criminal Courts, including Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan

By Don Murray

This section will walk you through the New York City criminal justice process from initial police contract, through trial and answer questions you may have about appeals.

Courts Related to Criminal Court

Criminal Court cases often are related to legal proceedings in other courts. Family Court, for example, often handles cases that are essentially identical to cases being prosecuted in criminal court. In some cases, Family Court will address the identical fact situation that is being addressed in Criminal Court. Federal Court in New York can prosecute criminal charges separately from New York State. Also, non-citizens should be aware that accusations in criminal court can lead to difficulties in Immigration Court.

Special Programs and Courts

Whether it's Drug CourtGun CourtInterrogation Policies, orCar Forfeiture Programs, there are always new solutions to old problems.

Guide to a Criminal Court in New York City

Bewildered by the criminal justice system? Confused about where to go and what to do?  Visit our guide to Criminal Court in New York City.

What's Trial Like in New York City Criminal Court?

New York City Criminal Lawyer Don Murray takes you step by step from jury selection through verdict in an easy to understand explanation of the trial process in New York City Criminal Courts.

Appeals of New York City Criminal Cases

If someone you care about has been convicted in New York City Criminal Court, then you may want to explore the possibility of an appeal.  Read this article about appeals of criminal cases in New York City Criminal Courts

Appeal Process in New York

New York criminal appeals lawyer Tom Theophilos provided this article about how criminal appeals work in New York State

Discovery in Criminal Cases in New York City

Criminal lawyer Don Murray explains the rules aboutNew York's awful discovery rules in Criminal Cases

Criminal Court Process (Pre-Trial) in New York City Criminal Courts

Read a walk through of the court process from arraignment up to trial in New York City Criminal Court

Why Be a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ever wonder what motivates someone to become a criminal defense lawyer?  Read this article by Don Murray where he explains what motivates him. 

Courtroom Names in New York City Criminal Court

Sometimes, you can learn a lot more than you think about a case simply because you know the name of the courtroom where the case is.  Read this article to learn how to "read" some courtroom names in New York City. 

The New York City Criminal Court system can certainly be bewildering to those who are unfamiliar with its rhythms and traditions. Each County, in fact, has its own flavor and its own ways of getting things done. I hope the articles in this section help to give you at least a general sense of the way things work.
— Don Murray

Guide to the New York City Criminal Justice System

Many people, especially those who have never experienced the New York City criminal justice system, find it to be more than a little intimidating and bewildering.

The articles in The System section will answer many of your questions. When is the trial? What does the judge have to do with the case? What's a Grand Jury. How does a trial work? What are the police supposed to do when they make arrests?

These and other questions are addressed in the articles presented by Don Murray, a New York City criminal defense lawyer with more than 20 years experience in New York Criminal Courtrooms. Whether your case is from Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx or Manhattan, the articles here should go a long way toward answering your questions.

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