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New York, New York Criminal Appeal Lawyer

New York Criminal Appeals and Other Post Conviction Remedies

If someone you care about has been convicted of a crime in New York State or New York federal court, then you need a skilled, experienced, New York criminal appeal lawyer. The New York criminal appeals or "post conviction" process can be intimidating even to lawyers if they don't have significant appeals experience.

In response to a growing number of requests from people who are seeking help with New York criminal appeals, we are proud to refer interested people to one of the brightest New York criminal appeals lawyers, Thomas Theophilos, Esq.*

Mr. Theophilos limits his practice to New York criminal appeals and post conviction work in New York state and federal courts. He is also highly sought after by many prominent New York trial lawyers to consult on complex or critical legal issues that arise during trial.

Outstanding Appellate Victories**

Mr. Theophilos achieved an exceptional appellate victory when the United States Court of Appeals reversed his client's conviction for murder in furtherance of a drug conspiracy. The conviction was reversed on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence to establish that his client committed the homicide. The defendant in that case had been sentenced to life in prison. Mr. Theophilos wrote the appellate brief and argued the case in an extended oral argument before the Court of Appeals. Because the reversal was based on a claim of insufficiency of the evidence, the defendant could not be retried. As a result, not only was the defendant's conviction reversed, but the indictment was dismissed and his sentence of life in prison was vacated. Reversals on the basis of insufficient evidence are extremely rare for any case but are even more unusual for murder cases.

Mr. Theophilos also won a petition for a writ of error coram nobis on yet another murder case. (For an explanation of the term "error coram nobis" see the section entitled other post conviction remedies.) Winning an error coram nobis is rare and the granting of such a writ on a murder case is extraordinary. To learn more about other reversals won by Mr. Theophilos in criminal appeals, click this link. You will be taken to Mr. Theophilos' appeals website.

Mr. Theophilos is the New York criminal appeal lawyer experienced criminal trial lawyers turn to for advice.

Mr. Theophilos has also written an extremely interesting guide to the New York criminal appeals process exclusively for this web site. In this guide to New York criminal appeals, you will find out all about the New York criminal appeals process and post conviction remedies.

At Shalley & Murray, we are proud to recommend Mr. Theophilos and offer him as an additional resource for our clients or anyone who may need help with a New York criminal appeal.

Call Thomas Theophilos about your criminal appeal case at 866-447-7899 (toll-free) or visit Mr. Theophilos' New York Criminal Appeals Website.

*Mr. Theophilos is an independent New York criminal appeals lawyer not affiliated with Shalley & Murray.

**Of course, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

I always refer those in need of criminal appeals in New York to Tom Theophilos. As far as I am concerned, nobody in need of a New York Criminal Appeals lawyer could ever do better. Tom is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the law and he approaches his appeals with an astonishing, relentless thoroughness. There is nobody I know who works harder than Tom on his cases. The extraordinary results he has gained over the years are a tribute to his knowledge, resourcefulness, and determination.
— Don Murray

Criminal Appeals in New York State and Federal Court

New York criminal appeals lawyer Tom Theophilos can help with a criminal appeal in New York state and Federal cases. Mr. Theophilos has the experience and expertise to help with any New York State or Federal criminal appeal.

Call Thomas Theophilos about your criminal appeal case directly at 866-447-7899 (toll- free); (Office address: New York City Office - 1133 Broadway, Suite 708, New York, N.Y. 10010; Buffalo Office - l201 Colvin Blvd., Suite 1, Buffalo, NY 14223).

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