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Specific New York Crimes Explained

By Don Murray, Esq.

Criminal Possession of a Weapon

Read a thorough introduction to the world of weapons charges in New York City, including a review of the three main categories of gun charges. In the airport gun charges section, read about how people who arrive in or attempt to leave New York carrying weapons they believe to be legally transported are arrested and charged with violent felony offenses - to which they may not have a legal defense. In the gun in a car section, read about the rules and presumptions that apply when an illegal gun is found in a car. In the search warrant section, read about what happens when the police execute search warrants. Finally, read about why gun charges are an important test of our constitutional freedoms.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Read about the increasingly complex crime of driving while intoxicated and the increasing number of ways a conviction for driving while intoxicated in New York City can lead to significant effects in your life beyond what you might expect from the criminal justice system.

Assault and Gang Assault in New York City

Read about the crimes of assault (including gang assault) in New York City and learn about possible defenses.

Robbery in the First, Second, and Third Degree

New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer Don Murray introduces the basic concepts behind New York state's robbery crimes, how typical robbery cases develop, common misconceptions about robbery cases and their outcomes, and possible defenses. 

Driving With a Suspended License

Read about the surprising practice of New York City's relentless prosecutions of driving with suspended license cases and the experiences of some who find themselves in the midst of the criminal justice system when they did not even know their licenses were suspended.

Domestic Violence Cases in New York

If you have a case that has been labeled "domestic violence" by the New York Criminal Courts, then you have potentially a difficult road ahead of you in the criminal justice system. There are special bureaus to prosecute your case, special policies that apply on to your case, and a host of fear-driven ways the system will treat you differently. New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer Don Murray's domestic violence accusations article will provide of brief overview of domestic violence accusations in New York City Criminal Court.

Endangering the Welfare of a Child

Read about the upside-down world of endangering the welfare of a child accusations in New York City. Starting from the safe ground of seeking to protect the welfare of children, the Government, in our fear-driven world, now focuses a level of scrutiny on dealings with children that probably would have resulted in most of our parents being jailed. Read about the surprisingly twisted ways that people are prosecuted as criminals for endangering the welfare of children, including one parent prosecuted for leaving a 16 year old alone, in her own home, overnight.

New York City Petit Larceny Accusations

Petit larceny (penal law section 155.25) is one of the more common offenses charged in the criminal justice system in New York City. We have developed a specific website to provide specific information about petit larceny cases and how they are handled in New York City.

Marijuana Charges in New York

Read about the differences between marijuana charges and other drug charges in New York City, and learn the surprising secret about some marijuana charges in New York City that can get many cases outright dismissed.

New York Sentencing Guidelines

New York criminal defense lawyer Don Murray provides a general overview, complete with a chart and directions how to use it, of sentencing in criminal cases in New York City. While not meant as a substitute for a consultation with a New York City criminal attorney, this article can help you come to a reasonable estimate of the sentence faced by someone in many cases.

Knowing the name and technical seriousness of the crime you are charged with is only part of the battle. It is also important to understand how the offenses are treated in the Criminal Court where you are being prosecuted. Different District Attorney Offices have different priorities and different approaches to certain prosecutions. Therefore you would be well advised to find a criminal defense lawyer with experience in the County where you are being prosecuted.
— Don Murray

Guide to commonly charged crimes in New York City

In this section, you can read specific articles about New York Crimes, how they are prosecuted in New York City Criminal Courts, and New York State Sentencing Guidelines.

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