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New York Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in New York City including Queens Bail Bonds, Brooklyn Bail Bonds, Bronx Bail Bonds, and Bail Bonds for Manhattan

By Don Murray

Bail bonds in New York generally describe one way to get someone out of jail when "traditional" bail is too much for friends and family to make.

A New York bail bond is essentially bail posted by a New York bail bond agent, representing a promise by the bail bond agent to pay the amount of the bond if the defendant fails to return to court.

Judges in New York City will usually set a bail bond alternative to traditional cash bail.

A New York bail bond agent will usually charge a fee for posting a bail bond in New York. Although the fees may vary from case to case, a broad rule of thumb is to expect the bail bond fee to be about 10 percent of the bail bond amount. Also, the bail bond agent will often require security or collateral for up to the full amount of the bail bond.

One licensed, New York, New York bail bond agency is Empire Bail Bonds. You may reach them by telephone at 718-263-1000 at any time. You can visit their website right now for more information by going to

Other New York bail bond agencies can be found in the telephone book or by visiting the area around the criminal courthouses in New York City.

Once bail is set, it it is often difficult to change. The bail set in arraignments is presumed to be the correct bail. In order to lower the bail, you will usually be required to show that something has changed about the case (better for the accused) since bail was set. If there is no answer to the question, “What has changed?” then bail will not be reduced.
— Don Murray

New York Bail and Bail Bond Information

When a judge sets bail, people are frequently overwhelmed by the process of attempting to make bail for the loved one. This article briefly reviews the options for posting bail in New York.

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