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Arrested in New York City - Information You Can Use Now

Arraignment Process in New York City

When people are arrested in New York City they are most frequently held for about 24 hours in custody before seeing a judge.  The arrest to arraignment process can be as stressful for the family as the accused.  Read this detailed guide to the arrest and arraignment process in New York City.

Bail and Bail Bonds in New York

Once the arraignment happens, bail could be set on the accused.  Read this article for more information about bail and bail bonds in New York City.

New York City Police Want to Talk to You - Now What are you Supposed to Do?

A Detective from the NYPD has left word that he wants to talk to you. The odds are he wants to do more than chat. The odds are he wants to arrest you for something. If you are innocent of the charges, you may be tempted to w ant to explain the situation to the police officer. But beware. The decision to arrest you has probably already been made. This is a most delicate situation and you are in desperate need of the protection of an experienced New York criminal lawyer.  Read the article about how to handle it when the NYPD wants to talk to you.

Queens Interrogation Policy

Queens County has instituted a policy to interrogate (and record) all those arrested for felony charges before most people who are arrested will have had the opportunity to meet with or retain a lawyer. This highlights the importance of obtaining counsel as soon as possible.  Read about the Queens Interrogation Policy.

Desk Appearance Tickets - More than "Just" Tickets

Read about the Desk Appearance Ticket process in New York City and what it means to be arrested on a Desk Appearance Ticket.

Bench Warrants in New York

This article discusses the practical realities of facing a warrant for your arrest in New York City, including instructions on the best way to return yourself on the warrant.

Violations of Probation in New York

This article discusses the violations of probation proceedings in New York City, how they work and what to expect from them in New York courtrooms.

False Confessions

Sometimes in the arrest to arraignment process people accused of crimes they did not commit are convinced to "confess" even when they did nothing wrong.  Read a detailed account of a False Confession case handled by Don Murray, partner in Shalley and Murray.

Immigration Issues for Non Citizens Accused of Crimes

Non-citizens accused of crimes in New York City face additional challenges beyond "just" the criminal court charges.  In many cases their ability to remain in the country will be at stake.  Read this article about immigration consequences for those accused of crimes in New York City.

Driving While Intoxicated Breath Test Refusals

People newly arrested for DWI in New York City are often confused about how to deal with the police officer's request to submit to a breath test.  Read this article about refusing to take a breath test in a driving while intoxicated case in New York City.

In New York City, people who are arrested seem to fall off the face of the earth for 24 hours or more. Friends and family often become frantic with worry. As a private attorney with 20 years experience I can often help family understand the process and breathe a little easier.
— Don Murray

Articles For Those With New Arrests in New York City

The criminal justice process articles summarized in the left column and simply listed below here, represent an effort to help those with questions about the often bewildering criminal justice system.

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