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Queens criminal lawyer, Brooklyn criminal lawyer or Manhattan criminal lawyer - Do I need Local Counsel and How Local is Local Enough?

By Don Murray

Here is the question many people face when charged with a crime in new York city: should a person arrested in queens hire a queens criminal lawyer, a person arrested in manhattan hire a manhattan criminal lawyer, etc?

Many people correctly believe that it is important to engage local counsel to represent them in criminal court. Local knowledge of the procedures in the court, common practices, deep familiarity with the prosecutors, judges, and court staff, can frequently make a big difference in the experience of the accused in court.  Deep familiarity means that your lawyer will be able to provide a high degree of predictability in the experience in court. Yes, the laws across new York are the same, but every courthouse has a slightly different set of local customs and expectations that have grown up around the common basic principles.

That being said, the next obvious question is "How local is local enough?". 

In our case, for example, our primary office is located in Kew Gardens, Queens.  Queens is where we started out in our criminal defense practice more than 20 years ago.  We are therefore deeply familiar with the practice and players in Queens county criminal court.  Therefore it would certainly be fair to describe us as Queens criminal lawyers.  

Yet at the same time, over the last twenty years, we have developed a deep and exclusive criminal practice that has made us regulars in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan. (Truth be told we are not so much regulars in Staten Island, although we do recommend an excellent criminal defense lawyer for Staten Island cases - call us.). Therefore, while our roots may be deepest in Queens, we are now, after 20 years of purely criminal defense practice in New York City, equally at home in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan Criminal Court. 

Therefore, it would be certainly more than fair to describe Shalley and Murray as Brooklyn Criminal Lawyers, Bronx Criminal Lawyers, and Manhattan Criminal Lawyers. 

The distances are not so great, nor are the differences among the courthouses so enormous that county-specialties are required. Therefore, whether you or someone you care about is accused of a crime in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, or Manhattan, we can help.

While it is an excellent idea to find local counsel to help with a criminal case, it is also unrealistic to imagine that in New York City, criminal lawyers confine themselves to a specialty of one county alone. After twenty years practicing criminal defense, we are quite familiar with the criminal courts of Brooklyn Queens Bronx and Manhattan. I can safely say that I am a Queens Criminal Lawyer, Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer, Bronx and Manhattan Criminal lawyer - all rolled into one.
— Don Murray

Should You Hire a Lawyer with an office in Queens for Queens Criminal Case? 

Our office happens to be in Kew Gardens, Queens, very close to the Queens Criminal Court building.  And yet, we are a short ride to Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn.  Over the last twenty years, we have taken that ride many times.  We are familiar faces in all the criminal courthouses in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan.

If you are accused of a crime in New York City and are thinking about wanting to have local counsel, you can feel comfortable calling us for your free consultation.  Chances are we have handled a case like yours in the courthouse you find yourself in. 

Call 718-268-2171 for your free consultation. 

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