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Information about the New York City Criminal Court System including New York City Criminal Defense Lawyers prepared by New York City Criminal Attorney Don Murray.


  • Arrested in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan or anywhere else in New York City...
  • Being investigated in Queens, Brooklyn, or anywhere else in New York City...

You need a New York criminal lawyer experienced in Queens, Brooklyn or New York City.  We have more than 20 years experience as New York criminal lawyers in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and New York City. We invite you to read through the articles on this site, written by New York Criminal Defense Attorney Don Murray, to help you understand your situation a little better and where to go from here.

Criminal Possession of a Weapon in New York

Queens County, like Brooklyn currently operates a special "Gun Court" to handle only illegal gun cases. Read article about Gun Court in Queens.  More than ever, New York City is not the place to be charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Sealing of Criminal Convictions Coming Soon to New York!

CPL Section 160.59 will make it possible, starting in October, 2017 for people to have up to two criminal convictions sealed.  Find out more in our special website devoted just to how to seal a New York conviction.  On this site, you will be able to read a discussion about Section 160.59 sealing as well as find out about the service provided by hiring a lawyer to seal your conviction.

DWI Breath Test: To Refuse or Not to Refuse, that is the Question. 

Read New York City Criminal Defense lawyer Don Murray's analysis of the frequently asked question about DWI accusations: "Should I take the breath test if accused of Driving While Intoxicated or should I refuse?" The answer may surprise you.

New York Sentencing Assistant

Estimate New York sentences in criminal cases using our easy New York Sentencing Assistant. See what New York sentencing guidelines say about drug casesrobbery casesassault cases and more. These guidelines apply in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, all of New York City and New York State. Search online New York Crime database.

Guide to Queens Criminal Court

Read our easy to understand, detailed, Guide to Criminal Court in Queens County. This guide, originally developed for our Queens County clients, is rich in detailed information about the Queens County criminal justice system. Much of the information applies to Brooklyn, Manhattan and the New York City criminal justice system in general. We cover every significant step in the criminal justice process in Queens County and indeed New York City from Arraignments to Trial.

Audio-Visual Presentations about New York City Criminal Court Topics

Shalley and Murray has produced two short information videos and a "Prezi" web presentation on topics related to the New York City Criminal Courts.  The videos were written and narrated by New York criminal defense attorney Don Murray, a partner in the firm.

Here is why you need to be careful listening to what the police and prosecutors tell you during the arrest process.  Watch this short clip and hear a prosecutor tell my client that "they aren't going to set bail on you" and "it isn't like you are going to have to stay in".  Four hours later, the prosecutor at arraignment requested $10,000 bail.  Read More.

Non-Citizens Accused of a Crime

If you are not a United States Citizen, and you are charged with a crime, you face complex immigration issues on top of the problems associated with being accused of a crime in New York. Read this article about the Immigration Consequences of New York Criminal Convictions.

We always urge non-citizens accused of crimes to get additional advice from a New York City immigration lawyer .

Bench Warrants in New York City and What to Do if You Have a Warrant

Read an article providing information on New York Bench and Arrest Warrants issued in New York City and how to return yourself on a warrant.

New York State Criminal Appeals

If you have suffered a criminal conviction and want to learn about the criminal appeals process in New York, read our Guide to the New York Criminal Appeal Process, written by independent New York Criminal Appeals lawyer Thomas Theophilos. For more information about Mr. Theophilos, including how to contact him about handling a criminal appeal for New York and Federal criminal appeals, visit Mr. Theophilos'  New York Criminal Appeals Lawyer website.

New York City Criminal Court Calendar (Webcrims) 

Visit the official New York Court System page where you can check your upcoming court date in Queens County criminal court, Manhattan criminal court, Brooklyn criminal court, or Bronx criminal court.

Additional New York Criminal Law Information

Local Counsel - Finding a Criminal Lawyer with Experience in Your Court

Read an article by Don Murray with advice about the wisdom of getting local counsel for your criminal case.  How local is local?  Find out whether you need a "Queens Criminal Lawyer" in Queens or a "Manhattan Criminal Lawyer" in Manhattan.

Founding partner, Don Murray.

Founding partner, Don Murray.


Hello, this is Don Murray, one of the founding partners of Shalley and Murray and author of all of the articles you will find here.  In this site you will find the most detailed information about New York City Criminal Courts available on the web.  This site is provided by Shalley and Murray, a New York City Criminal Defense Law Firm.  If you need to speak to a New York City criminal defense attorney about your case, feel free to call us for a free consultation at 718-268-2171.  

Don Murray's Client Acquitted in First Degree Robbery Mistaken Identification Case

On May 16, 2016, Don Murray's client received a Not Guilty verdict on every count of a First Degree Robbery Indictment in a case of mistaken identification in New York City.  The client faced a minimum of five years and a maximum of twenty-five years if he had been convicted.  The centerpiece of Mr. Murray's defense was a series of text messages exchanged between his client and his client's girlfriend at about the time of the robbery.  Stay tuned in the days ahead for a detailed article by Mr. Murray about this fascinating case of acquittal by text message.

New Arrest Information

Friends and family of those who are arrested in Queens, Brooklyn Bronx, or Manhattan often have a host of immediate questions about the criminal justice system.  The problem is that reliable answers are hard to come by - except here in this site.  Visit our New Arrest page for information you can use right now, or visit one of our specialty sites below for in-depth coverage of topics of particular interest.

Desk Appearance Tickets

If you have a desk appearance ticket for Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan or anywhere in New York City, this article will answer many questions you may have. Or for in-depth information visit our specific desk appearance tickets website. This site is the most comprehensive source of information about Desk Appearance Tickets in New York on the world wide web.  Read three reasons you need to hire Shalley and Murray for a DAT.

Arraignment Information

Visit our New York City arraignment website for detailed information about the arrest to arraignment (first appearance) process in New York City.   View our guide to New York City Arraignments.

Mistaken Identification Nightmare Ends Happily

Our client leaving movie with girlfriend just minutes after a robbery occurs in NYC.  About a week later he is wrongly accused of the robbery after being identified in a lineup.   Read more about this terrifying situation here.  Government dismissed case.

Petit Larceny (Shoplifting) 

Accused of Petit Larceny in New York City? Visit our petit larceny (shoplifting) information website.

Pink Summons Matters

Visit our website devoted solely to New York City pink summons cases.

Misdemeanor Charges

Visit our new site about misdemeanor charges in New York City. Have the Police left word they want to "talk"? New Felony Interrogation Policy.

New York City Criminal Justice System

Visit "The System" for detailed articles about the New York City criminal justice system. Read explanations of the process from arrest through trial, and appeal and much more.

New York Crimes

Visit the Offenses section to learn about:

False Confession Case Study

Don Murray successfully defended a man accused of stealing about $60,000 worth of lottery tickets, even though Mr. Murray's client had signed a written confession.  The client "confessed" only after enduring hours of questioning in custody and after the police made improper promises. The jury acquitted. Read an in-depth false confession case study of this remarkable case, and look at the false confession itself.

Gun Excluded from Case After Hearing

Read a brief reflection by Don Murray about a recent victory in a case that came in the context of winning a suppression hearing related to an illegal search of Mr. Murray's client's vehicle.

We are Criminal Defense Lawyers, NOT Former Prosecutors

We don't sue people.  We have never prosecuted anybody.  We started out as criminal defense lawyers.  We are still criminal defense lawyers today.  After  twenty-five years practicing in New York City Criminal Courts, we have nearly seen it all.  Read more about Shalley and Murray.

Consulting on The Slap

Don Murray recently provided a small bit of technical consultation for an arraignment scene in the upcoming NBC miniseries, The Slap.  Read Mr. Murray's brief description of the experience in this article.

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